R(+)-1-(1-Naphthyl)ethylamine Hydrochloride

Chemical Name
R(+)-1-(1-Naphthyl)ethylamine Hydrochloride





Formula C12H13N.HCl
CAS Reg. No. [82572-04-1]
Molecular weight 207.7
01 Appearance A off white to white powder
02 Solubility Soluble in Methanol
03 Identification by IR The IR absorption spectrum of the sample as KBr dispersion should be concordant with standard.
04 Water content by KF Not more than 5.0 % w/w
05 Related Substances by HPLC
Impurity A (1-(2-Naphthyl)ethylamine) Not more than 0.05 %
Any single unknown impurity Not more than 0.05 %
Total impurities Not more than 0.3 %
06 Chiral Purity R-Isomer by HPLC Not less than 99.5 % (Typical Result NLT 99.9 % )
07 Assay by Potentiometer (on anhydrous basis) Not less than 98.0 % w/w

50 kgs in HMHDPE Carbouys

  • Cinacalcet Intermediate

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